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Post by Garthen on Mon Apr 25, 2016 4:37 pm

Lieutenant Medi 800px-Clonestraining

Name: CL-9683 aka Lieutenant Medi

Species: Clone

Gender: Male

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black


Homeworld (if known): Kamino

Affiliation: The New Jedi Order

Bio: Cloned from the Bounty Hunter Jango Fett, CL-9683 or as he is also known as Medi, was raised as any other clone. Skilled in fighting and known for helping his fellow clones, he also received training as a medic, something the clone felt was an honor. The training served him well as he was often able to save members of his squad and once he was even able to help one of the Jedi General's when they were injured. Unknown to his creators the infamous order 66 was not implanted into the brain of the Lieutenant and when his fellow troopers turned on their Jedi General, Medi tried to protect them, but failed due to being over run by the others. Faking his death on the battlefield Medi stole away, seeking any of the remaining Jedi, hoping to protect any that remained.

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